Personal and professional coaching




This full day program will delve into your core to identify what is most important to you and is designed to help you explore your innermost values. We will spend the day together—in a true spirit of mutual support—as we grow and give voice to our inner desires.


Specifically, the workshop will help you:

• Clarify what drives your decisions
• Remove the clutter from your life and focus on your true sense of purpose
• Release your attachment to the things that hold you back
• Build the confidence you need to see the bigger picture outside your personal bubble
• Build the tools to put destiny back in your hands
• Connect with the real you

All, within a supportive environment that is designed to help you succeed.


Prior to the workshop

An exercise relating to your values will be sent to you for you to complete (Will be sent 2 weeks prior to workshop). It will set the stage for the workshop by helping you reflect on what matters most in your life


Workshop Structure

On arrival

• The day will start with a fun and interactive ice-breaker to put the group at ease and lay the groundwork for the day


Throughout the day

• In a supportive and dynamic environment, you will tune into yourself to clarify what brings meaning to your life. Sometimes, you will work individually to tune into your values. At others, you will work in groups of 2 or 3 to share insight, inspiration, and support
• You will identify and “work through” the obstacles that distance you from your purpose
• You will grow from sharing your experiences and learning from the experiences of other workshop members
• You will design an action plan to support your long-term growth and development

Lunch – Snacks will be served in the morning and afternoon however, we ask that you bring your own lunch. There is a restaurant in the building where you can order out.


On leaving the workshop:

• You will feel a sense of renewed vitality, direction, and alignment

Many workshops claim to lead people to their life’s purpose. We will work together to create questions that will bring clarity rather than answers. As the material takes shape in your life, your purpose will emerge. Our sense of purpose can take a lifetime to unfold; our aim is to help you to illuminate the path to enlightenment.


What is coaching?

Coaching is a powerful process of change focused on helping you maximize your potential, move beyond your usual barriers, and gain more meaning and satisfaction in your personal or professional life.

In the coaching relationship, you gain greater awareness about what matters most to you and where you are stopped, and you commit to a plan of action that helps you lead a more intentional, purposeful life.

Coaching is not psychotherapy. It is not appropriate as a means to treat a mental health condition or severe psychological distress.