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Sophie Beugnot

Sophie Beugnot


There are moments in life when you ask yourself “what else is there”? You seem to have it all but no matter how successful you are, you are reconsidering your life’s major decisions or you may be looking for more of something but not sure what …Fun? Meaning? Challenge? I believe these moments are truly amazing opportunities to create new possibilities. My greatest moments of personal achievements and joy have come from places of questioning, uncertainty, and even anguish. That is why I feel passionate about helping others turn their questioning into life-changing experiences.

I decided to become a coach, after nearly 15 years as a psychologist practicing psychotherapy with adults because I experienced firsthand the benefits of receiving personalized coaching. Being coached helped me identify new challenges and set goals for myself, aligned with my most fundamental values. My calling for coaching culminated in my becoming a speaker and advocate about food allergies, and in creating a successful fundraising initiative helping to make treatments for food allergies available in Quebec. I realized there was more to life and felt compelled to figure out how to take action on a part of my life where I was limiting myself.

My coaching approach is highly personalized and tactical to help you realize your full human being potential. By combining my training and experience as a psychotherapist with a goal-focused approach, I help you enhance focus and vitality. I help you ask the difficult questions that one needs to ask but rarely make the effort or time for.

What matters most to you? Where do you feel you are most alive or connected? What is in your way? I believe that connecting to one’s core values and sources of meaning, which sometimes get tossed aside as life happens, is a vitality boost. For the foodies out there: It is like biting into a piece of lemon that wakes up your tastebuds!

What do you say? Be Coached!


PPCC Certified Coach (ACSTH ICF Accredited Program)
Member of the Ordre des psychologues du Québec


J’ai eu l’occasion de travailler pendant plusieurs semaines avec Sophie autant au niveau personnel que professionnel. Son écoute active et sa grande capacité de synthèse m’ont grandement aidée à clarifier mes pensées et à structurer mon plan de match pour l’atteinte de mes objectifs. Son expérience à titre de psychologue m’a également soutenue dans mon processus. Le fait d’avoir nos rencontres à mon agenda m’a  poussée à être dans l’action et à cesser de remettre à plus tard.  Sophie m’a beaucoup aidée en me proposant des pistes de réflexions intéressantes et adaptées à ma situation.

Julie Hamel, chargée de projet, Montréal.

Mes sessions avec Sophie sont d’une aide incroyable. J’en ressort toujours plus motivé, prêt à attaquer mes projets et plus en contrôle.  Son écoute et ses conseils m’ont aidé session après session à me rapprocher de la version de moi-même que j’ai toujours voulu être. Sophie a le don de me faire voir le côté positif des choses. Elle a toujours une attitude positive contagieuse. Sa voix calme m’aide à clarifier mes idées. Sophie m’a muni avec les outils nécessaires pour affronter mes mauvaises habitudes de procrastination, gêne et doute de soi.

Vincent Quintana


Sophie is available weekdays between 8AM and 4PM