Personal and professional coaching




Annick Jasmin

Annick is a savvy entrepreneur who for the last 15 years has been active in communications, marketing and product management within the international animal health industry. Annick believes that the challenges faced in a corporate world are the same ones that we face in our daily lives: a never ending “to do” list, dreams, responsibilities, and dilemmas—the list goes on! Annick’s life experience enables her to offer a practical approach to supporting anyone make meaningful changes in their lives—changes that inspire you to follow your dream career path, improve your health and well being, let go of fears and embrace creativity, to become the person you most want to be. It is privileged, beautiful and life-affirming work. Annick believes that when you trust your instincts and truly know yourself, you unlock unlimited possibilities.


PPCC Certified Coach (ACSTH ICF Accredited Program)
Bachelor in Business Administration,
École des hautes études commerciales
Member of the ICF- International coaching federation


J’ai eu recours aux services de coaching de Annick jasmin. Ses conseils et son écoute m’ont été très précieux. J’ai pu découvrir ce que je voulais réellement faire avec ma business ce qui m’a permis en quelques mois de relancer considérablement mon activité et d’augmenter mon chiffre d’affaire. J.L

I highly recommend Annick’s coaching abilities; her active listening skills and talent for putting things into perspective contributed to see beyond my limitations. She gently kept me on my toes and challenged me to push me out of my comfort zone. The safe space she created enabled me to explore what wasn’t working and clarify my profound intentions for my future. She is a precious resource. N.P


Annick has availabilities week days – early mornings and early evenings.